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Choose Your name.
You should know the domain name (website), you want to register (eg The name should be thought through, it should be associated with you, your company name or type of business you run. Please note that the domain is a unique value and there are no two identical domains, so hurry on their registration is encouraged. Generic domain defining the type of business or directly related to the product offer comparatively much more beneficial owner of placing them on the "main street" in the virtual swiecie.Posiadanie own domain increases the availability of information - part of the Internet, "shot" by looking at the company by associating names and extensions, such as

How deos it happens the page is displayed 24 hours a day?
To display your website on the Internet, except that it is made, the contents of the document should be placed on a computer that is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. This computer is called a web server.
On the server is stored in both content and e-mail.
This enables storage of information of any size. Other users during your absence connect to your web server, reads the contents of your site, leave your mail for you. The original and converted you connect your computer to your server and receive e-mail.

Registration and hosting (hosting-keeping)
At this point, a very important point. You should know that having a domain is not in any way connected with the necessity to choose a specific server.
Domain registration is a procedure that says that you acquire the exclusive rights to her and dispose of it in an individual way. In a word, be it owns this one, and keep it on the server is a separate matter. The registration process mainly affects property rights. (but also take into account the so-called. hosting or storage location content). If you are determined and focused during the registration process which hosting is best for you. You only domain to park and then filled in all the data on the hosting (technical supervisor). A domain can be freely transferred between servers of different service providers, so that the customer does not notice the changes and problems with access to resources.

Domain Parking.
Domain parking is a service designed for those who do not wish at this time to publish their pages, but want to book a Internet domain for later use. Parking is free użyczeniu our DNS servers for your domain to maintain. After entering the Web browser viewer sees a temporary page parked domain on our server at any time can be used to create a Web site, e-mail accounts and other services.

What does "register a domain name?"

Domain registration is not equivalent to the buying - every year domain providers charge a fee for it, and if this is not paid - cancel the domain. The easiest way to compare the domain name registration to the lease for an indefinite period.

When I pay for domain registration?
General principle - the receipt of any document on this. (NASKu invoice, the invoice from the Consulting Service - owner of service).

How long does a domain name registration?

In general, it depends on the service provider - noted that the domain registration or transfer of national progress (. pl) - up to 5 working days. We try to do it in quite a few minutes to a few hours of receipt of the money in our bank account (registration).

Internet addresses in their own language

You can free download the plug to fit your browser.

How do I find out who owns a domain?

You can check this in our WHOIS database.
In the case of Polish domains there is no data base of individuals (due to applicable law).

The registration procedure

Step 1

Choose a name that you want to register check the availability for other extensions.In this step, you select a domain for any of the three types of extensions such as:. . plAnd the boxes for regional and functional domains. The results you see in step 2

Step 2

Choose the name you want to register, add other names, explore money. In this step, there are domains in stock all selected in the first step, and there is a possibility of dispensing with the individual at that stage and the addition of new others. This step can be repeated ad infinitum by adding additional domains to be registered. In this step, each domain is set to the period for which you want to register the 1, 2 or 3 years. And the price of individual and total. After selecting all the domains on the "check register"

Step 3
Justification for the right to use the domain
There reasons choose from the list or type in your own.

Step 4

User registration, loginAs a new user of the service go through the registration process once the self-provided username and password. Give data type: an individual or company, then dependingon the needs of your personal or company, address, phone, e-mail address, VAT tax number, registration number, Social Security ..If you have already used are registered, your details are on our database and you do not have enough to fill their log in if you skip step 5 and you will be in the 6th

Step 5
Technical guardian, hostingThis part is a part of the highly technical, and can pass through it in two ways.If you want to know the concept of web hosting servers names and contact your company's data and technical supervisor to enter the hosting tab and fill in all the fields. If you do not have a clue or just do not have time, this point can always add later. It should then use the parking tab. Parking is free for 30 daysand this time, you should decide what to offer hosting. Pressing the tab parking substitutes servers automatically and moves to step 6

Step 6
Proof of sending data and applicationPlease read and confirm the data confirm the data and print the proforma invoice, which must be paid within 7 days. After paying the invoice domainreceive the status of a registered reserved. Status shows booked at the end of step 6, the link browser.

We also invite you to read the admin panel "your domain" where you can see their reserved domain, and print proof of payment / remittance. All accounting documents for both sent to the specified e-mail to register.
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