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PositiveSSL Multi-Domain Certificate

  • Validation Type: DV
  • Domain validation
  • Upto 250 different domains covered by single certificate.
  • 2048bit strong certificate
  • Automatic issuance 24/7
  • Unlimited number of servers
  • No paper documents needed
  • Unlimited servers covered.
99,00 PLN
Liczba domen
If you need a quick way to secure multiple domains on a single SSL certificate, then the Comodo Positive Multi-Domain SSL is the cert for you. This certificate can secure up to 100 total domains and is typically issued in mere minutes, once domain ownership is verified. As an entry-level Domain Validated (DV) option, the Comodo Positive Multi-Domain SSL is an excellent option for start-up ecommerce sites and other small businesses looking for a little boost with regards to encryption and sales.
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